Data Visualization and Advance Analytics

Operational Reports and Analytics Dashboard

We can build a variety of operational reports to enhance the efficiency of your day-to-day processes, provide real-time insights and granular reports on business operations, and help you make data-based decisions at every level.

Our consultants have extensive experience in analytic dashboard designing for organizations’ executive management. We can support your organization to equip executives with user-centric and platform-agnostic dashboards, which address critical business questions, align business actions with corporate strategy, and aid executive decision-making.

Self Service BI & Visualization

The service focuses on delivering customer-focused Business Intelligence installations. Preparing a business intelligence environment that meets the information needs of the client’s business users is a critical success element for a data warehouse implementation. Our consultants can identify the requirements of each business user group, convert them into application designs, and then develop them in a variety of environments, including Tableau, BusinessObjects, MicroStrategy, Cognos, MS Query, and many others. Business Intelligence (BI) is more than just aesthetically pleasing data visualization. It is a core business capability that allows all employees to access and understand the information needed to drive the business forward. We pride ourselves on developing effective BI strategies to enable Data Democratization and data-driven decision-making within organizations.

Graph Analytics

Your business operates in a well-connected world and these connections are more valuable than ever before. We find ways to explore these connections and relationships to understand how individuals relate to each other. It could be because of the same kind of products these individuals are interested in? or are from a particular region/age group, etc. Also, we are interested in knowing what impact does a change in one section of the organization or infrastructure have on the rest. This information is critical to many decision-making processes. With Graph databases and sophisticated data modeling and analysis capabilities, we enable businesses to answer complex business questions which are hard to answer with traditional relational databases.

Data Science and Advance Analytics

Average predictive and prescriptive algorithms for smarter business processes. We improve customer adoption and business impact by embedding customized applications into platforms that enable predictions to be continuously recalibrated. Leverage tools such as Machine Learning, NLP, and AI to continuously enhance automation and customer experience. Our “Advanced Analytics framework” is based on industry standards.