Consultancy and Advisory Services

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation services help customers set an analytic vision that aligns their business and IT components, assesses their capabilities, and evaluates new technologies. Transitioning to modern IT architecture entails the introduction of new architectural components for businesses as well as the re-composition of existing ones. We help our customers to define a clear roadmap for their enterprise data lifecycle and prioritize their analytic needs through modern architecture, both on –prem and on-cloud. The enterprise drivers for the adoption of a modern architecture haven’t changed from the historical norms; they are revenue growth, cost-cutting, enhanced customer experiences, and the development of the IT talent. Digital transformation based on modern architectures and technologies including AI and Cloud are growing in demand to process, handle, and analyze huge amounts of data more effectively, efficiently and rapidly, paving the way for automated decision-making, predictive analytics, and machine learning, as well as automation of administrative tasks to improve productivity and elevate the whole organization to a higher functioning plane in order to compete with the current cut-throat competition

Data Governance Services

Secure, govern, reuse, reduce operation costs and ensure regulatory compliance through Data Governance. Be in control of your organizational data. Data Governance Services offer advisory services pertaining to the data life cycle management of organizations. Our highly qualified experts will design a data governance strategy and framework specific to the priorities of the relevant business unit(s) to build the confidence and credibility of your data. We enable our customers to establish a vision for their data that supports your business strategy and objectives. We provide consulting services to design data governance programs for our customers, which enables them to manage, integrate, reuse, access, and protect data and support the decision-making to increase productivity, security, and regulatory compliance, minimize the risks and reduce the operational costs. This service is essential for organizations with key objectives to define a single version of truth that resonates across the entire business.

Data Quality Services

Consistent, accurate, reliable and secure data for making informed decisions adhering to regulatory compliance We provide services that enable your organization to implement enterprise wide Data Quality Management framework coupled with AI and Machine learning capabilities to achieve sustained data governance as well as compliance with your quality data to drive your strategic direction. Our consulting team works with the customer to define and implement a sound DQM strategy and a set of processes, which help organizations to measure, monitor, manage and improve the quality of their data on an ongoing basis. We offer analytical visualization and insight into your data through dashboards with our data quality and governance expertise for continuous process improvement and control. Thus, allowing for data-dependent business processes and applications to deliver more accurate insights.

Master Data Management-MDM

Fragmented views of your enterprise data can cause duplicated, inconsistent, often incomplete information that delivers inaccurate results. With data increasingly directing enterprises' strategic direction and being leveraged to dictate how and when organizations interact with their clients, it is essential that your data is complete, organized, accessible, and in a single place. By executing an enterprise-wide Master Data Management strategy, your organization can develop and maintain a "single version" of truth for critical information that is your organization's core. By incorporating this service, processes, policies, people, and technologies are all aligned around creating and maintaining information, ensuring that data is available and ready to be leveraged for important insights and decisions.